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Wondering who keeps Morepork BBQ ticking away? 

Clint Davies - Owner / Pitmaster / The Big Dog

Clint worked in kitchens all over the world for 15 years before he came back to NZ with one goal; to bring Damn good BBQ to his fellow Kiwis.  Clint lives and breathes barbecue.  The dude never stops, seriously.  He is ALWAYS doing something.  Whether it's cooking in the restaurant or catering private events, or working events like Big Boys Toys, Armageddon, Meatstock etc. ~ He is ALWAYS doing something barbecue related.  If you're lucky enough to catch him around our Auckland joint, he bloody leaves a good barbecue yarn, so feel free to hit him up for tips and pointers.  He is one of the pillars of the New Zealand barbecue community and he's incredibly humble to boot.  You'll never hear him bragging!

Jodi Bourassa- Head Chef/Pitmaster

Jodi is the head chef and backbone here at Morepork BBQ.  A San Francisco legend who made her way to little ol’ New Zealand to help her friends out with their new BBQ joint.  Thank god she did, too!  When she’s not obsessing over musicals (both on stage and screen) or getting musical related tattoos, you can find her in our kitchen working ridiculously long hours to ensure that the standard of our Barbecue doesn’t falter.  She is without a doubt the heart and soul of our team here in Auckland and without her at the helm, well.  Let’s just say that Morepork BBQ would not be the best BBQ joint in the country.


Ryan Hammond - Owner/Operator

Ryan is one half of our ownership team.  Together with her partner and pit-master, Clint; they own the show.  They're the big dogs.  The head honcho's etc.  While Ryan manages most of the 'behind the scenes' side of the business, you will have seen Ryan in our Auckland joint running around serving you drinks and making sure that your barbecue is piping hot when it gets to your table. 

Emmett Oliver Davies- Apprentice

Emmett is possibly New Zealand's youngest pit-master.  He has just celebrated his 1st birthday and already knows his way around a kitchen and pit better than our social media guy, Lee.  When Emmett is not rocking out to The Wiggles, or attending his weekly 'wriggle and rhyme' class or pulling his dad's beard, you can catch him hard at work in our Auckland joint making his way around the kitchen, making one hell of a mess for everyone else to clean up.  Emmett's favourite dish at our place?  Well,  he is quite partial to our house made mac n cheese but in all honesty - would probably prefer some blueberries.

Morepork BBQ Lee Weir Social Media Guy #

Lee Weir- Our Social Media Guy

Lee is a radio announcer for The Rock FM (which conveniently is situated right above our joint).  One Saturday morning he stumbled upon our restaurant whilst incredibly hungover.  We fed him a brisket sandwich and we haven't been able to get rid of him since!  He is also a Marriage Celebrant and happens to have set and still holds the Guinness World Record for "The most tattoos of the same cartoon character."  Dude has 54 Homer Simpson tattoos..... Google him,  it's ridiculous. 

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